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April, 2013 Monthly archive

Gianpaolo Tucci creates new geometrical shapes with the ancient triangle symbols of the four elements. I love those impossible geometrical shapes, and the way he combines these shapes with photography is very interesting.

Gianpaolo Tucci_Impossible spaces_photography_digital art_project_design_concept_1

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This project by artist Dan Catterman, Paris, France, is a combination of illustrations, graphic design, fine arts, and some photography. I really like the idea of combining a lot of different things in one; it’s messy, yet very organized. Artist Dan Catterman-lines-graphic design-illustration-fine arts-digital art_1

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This is one of many urban photograph series of photographer Matthias Heiderich, Berlin, Germany. Aren’t the colours in his pictures just amazing?

Photographer Matthias Heiderich_colour_color_urban_city_photography_1

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This is another digital art project by graphic designer Tobias van Schneider. I just love the feel and concept of this project.

“There was no Child, there was no Mother, There was no Change, there was no Other”.

Digital art by artist Tobias van Schneider_3

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These explosions of colour illustrations are by artist Asakura Kouhei from Tokyo, Japan. They are made with watercolour and coloured pencil. I think we could all use some more colour in our lives.

Artist Asakura Kouchei watercolor colored pencel illustration drawings_1

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This is a very cool stationary design by Bureau Rabensteiner made for their client N. Daniels, a rep and photo producer. The identity design is simple and is printed with this very cool thermo sensitive ink.  The black colour of the varnish fades at body temperature – as soon as you hold it in your hands you literally produce an image by yourself. The business cards are little Polaroid’s with a constantly changing surface.

Identity Design_Corporate Design_ Graphic Design_Print Design_N Daniels_2

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Thomas Lamadieu is showing a different perception of urban architecture and the environment that surrounds us daily. The limitless imagination in these sky art pictures is fascinating.

Sky art_Urban architecture_Modern Contemporary art_Illustration_

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I just think this is a neat little letterpress project, especially for all the typography and print design lovers out there.



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Sometimes you just have to get away from the computer and make something with your hands.

Aaron von Freter is this American Graphic Designer, who is designing graphics for the clothing industry. For this T-Shirt printing project he uses traditional rubber stamps and screen print ink. I like the idea that with this technique every print will be unique and it gives it a vintage feel to it.

T_Shirt_printing_handmade_oldschool_Graphic_Designer_Aaron von Freter_2

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Jeff Depner, a fine artist from Vancouver, Canada, paints these colourful geometric shaped paintings. In my eyes, these painting are examples of geometrical perfection and they are an inspiration to me.Fine_Art_Painter_Jeff_Depner_Colorful_Geometric_Shapes_7

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