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SpaceFrog Designs is a two-team artist Husband and Wife. They have created these they beautiful art-works where they play with nature and complex and simple relationships between colors, shapes and textures. They use often a though of metallic in their work, which gives their pieces these luxuries look. You can find their work for sale online here

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“Inspired by the circus, illusions, dreams and the innocence and playfulness of childhood, these strange beauties are saturated, eye candy explorations in the odd and the beautiful” – Artist Jen Mann

Artist_Jen Mann_oil paintings_Strange Beauties_Art_Artwork_portraits_Canvas_Illusions_dreams_innocence_playfulnes_childhood_notitle

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Photographer and graphic designer Dan Mountford made this amazing series of double exposure portraits. These pictures look just amazing. I find them every inspiring and I think this is a very interesting technique to play with.

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Photographer_Artist_Dan Mountford_Double Exposure_portraits_Girl_Park

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Dadara doesn’t just make very beautiful and colourful paintings. He also expresses very strong statements in his art. Dadara is one of my favourite artists and I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.

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Artist_Dadara_Paintings_Acrylic on linnnen_Banknote 2.0

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Christoffer Relander is an artist, graphic designer and photographer from Berlin. He has this very cool fine art photography project where he uses multiple exposures to make these amazing portraits between man and nature.

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Photographer _Christoffer Relander_Multiple exposure_Between man and nature_Fine art_Photography_Project_winter-melancholy

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This giant inflatable Rubber Duck is an art project by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

The gigantic Rubber Duck travels the world and pops up in many different cities. Today the yellow Rubber Duck arrived in Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong where he will swim around until the 9th of June.

I love when design and art has humor in it. The project is very funny, well executed and has a good message behind it.

“The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn’t discriminate people and doesn’t have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck is soft, friendly and suitable for all ages”

– Florentijn Hofman

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Art project Rubber Duck in Sydney, 2013

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These illustrated letters are hand drawn by Emil Bertell, an illustrator and type designer from Finland. Each letter is illustrating a different story; it’s like telling a story of so many words in just a single letter. These creative ways of displaying a type is very interesting and inspiring to me. I love typography.

Artist Emil Bertil_Illustrated Letters_hand drawn_drawing_typography_1

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Gianpaolo Tucci creates new geometrical shapes with the ancient triangle symbols of the four elements. I love those impossible geometrical shapes, and the way he combines these shapes with photography is very interesting.

Gianpaolo Tucci_Impossible spaces_photography_digital art_project_design_concept_1

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This project by artist Dan Catterman, Paris, France, is a combination of illustrations, graphic design, fine arts, and some photography. I really like the idea of combining a lot of different things in one; it’s messy, yet very organized. Artist Dan Catterman-lines-graphic design-illustration-fine arts-digital art_1

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This is one of many urban photograph series of photographer Matthias Heiderich, Berlin, Germany. Aren’t the colours in his pictures just amazing?

Photographer Matthias Heiderich_colour_color_urban_city_photography_1

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