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I just want to write a little update. I may not have been updating my blog or Instagram for some time now, but I have never stopped collecting things that inspire me.

It is still a dream of me to make this blog a success and do what love the most, creating and exploring things. It would be a shame to let this blog go to waste, so I am planning on picking it up again.

Over the coming period, I am going to develop a plan on how to move forward and make this dream of mine come true.


I am very excited to get started again!


Stay creative!



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Dadara doesn’t just make very beautiful and colourful paintings. He also expresses very strong statements in his art. Dadara is one of my favourite artists and I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.

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Artist_Dadara_Paintings_Acrylic on linnnen_Banknote 2.0

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These illustrated letters are hand drawn by Emil Bertell, an illustrator and type designer from Finland. Each letter is illustrating a different story; it’s like telling a story of so many words in just a single letter. These creative ways of displaying a type is very interesting and inspiring to me. I love typography.

Artist Emil Bertil_Illustrated Letters_hand drawn_drawing_typography_1

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This project by artist Dan Catterman, Paris, France, is a combination of illustrations, graphic design, fine arts, and some photography. I really like the idea of combining a lot of different things in one; it’s messy, yet very organized. Artist Dan Catterman-lines-graphic design-illustration-fine arts-digital art_1

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These explosions of colour illustrations are by artist Asakura Kouhei from Tokyo, Japan. They are made with watercolour and coloured pencil. I think we could all use some more colour in our lives.

Artist Asakura Kouchei watercolor colored pencel illustration drawings_1

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Thomas Lamadieu is showing a different perception of urban architecture and the environment that surrounds us daily. The limitless imagination in these sky art pictures is fascinating.

Sky art_Urban architecture_Modern Contemporary art_Illustration_

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