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Digital Art

Gianpaolo Tucci creates new geometrical shapes with the ancient triangle symbols of the four elements. I love those impossible geometrical shapes, and the way he combines these shapes with photography is very interesting.

Gianpaolo Tucci_Impossible spaces_photography_digital art_project_design_concept_1

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This project by artist Dan Catterman, Paris, France, is a combination of illustrations, graphic design, fine arts, and some photography. I really like the idea of combining a lot of different things in one; it’s messy, yet very organized. Artist Dan Catterman-lines-graphic design-illustration-fine arts-digital art_1

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This is another digital art project by graphic designer Tobias van Schneider. I just love the feel and concept of this project.

“There was no Child, there was no Mother, There was no Change, there was no Other”.

Digital art by artist Tobias van Schneider_3

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Christoph Meyer made a serie of photo manipulated pictures of animals, and I think the results are amazing.


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This very interesting and inspiring project of Tobias van Schneider and Matthew Wagerfield is experimenting with the idea of making art with code. I just love this new way of being creative. Creative coding seems to be the newest thing to make digital art.

You can play and experiment with the code yourself here.


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